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    176 - Bogus PPC Advertiser?

    I signed up with this website, aka after seeing them very highly listed in google's search results under 'dedicated servers'.

    I've been advertising with Google and Overture for almost a year now, so I think I have a good understanding of how it works and what kind of traffic it brings me. I constantly am tailing my actual apache log file, grepping through it, watching how people browse my website and seeing which advertising is bringing me the most customers.

    I paid enough to have my website listed at the top of the first page of dedicated server results and immediately started getting traffic to my site -- which was surprising for me, but I was really excited because it wasn't very expensive and I was getting tons of targeted advertising -- or so I thought.

    Over the course of a week I had 160 unique visits. But when I look in the logs at which pages those 160 visitors went to, 90% of them only made it as far as my homepage. The other 10% went straight to my services page. None of them went to any other page on my website. Compare this to google or overture where it's almost the exact opposite. 90% of the visitors from Google or Overture go to at least one additional page on my website, and perhaps 40% of the time they go to three or more different pages. In addition, about half of them will go to a page other than my services page.

    Also, almost all of the IP addresses from serverseek were from foreign countries, would not resolve at all, or could not even be found in the geobytes database. The traffic from the other advertising is mostly from the US and almost all of the IP addresses resolve and can be located geographically.

    These statistics were compiled directly by me, looking through my log files, not interpreted by an erroneous log file stats generator. It's easy for me to draw some conclusions about this;

    1) this traffic is completely worthless.
    2) it may be some kind of faked traffic.

    I should also mention, before whoever runs this company flames me: I edited my ad through their web interface so that it showed up at the top, even though I wasn't paying for the top slot. It was only for a few hours, and was just because I saw that you could put html code directly into the advertisement. Other listings on the site were doing the same thing at the time, using html in their advertisements, and there was no rule against it. When someone from the site shutoff my ad, I told them exactly how many clicks I got during that time period (about half a dozen) and said that I was perfectly happy to pay for it. Eventually I agreed to pay more than the clicks had even been worth, just to settle the matter. After that I added more money to my account and continued using their advertising. This is completely irrelevant to everything I've written above about the actual traffic from the site.
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    I've had similar experiences from small PPC sites. I would only consider using large PPC sites now since these have better monitoring to prevent fradulant clicks.

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    hmmm was actually a very good source of traffic for us back when we used to run

    It brought a lot of good quality leads.

    I am not sure if it's the same thing as

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