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    Is this a hacking attempt?

    I have a PHP image script that accepts image uploads and stores it in a directory on the server. When reviewing the error log, I saw the following:

    File does not exist: /home/mysite/public_html/imagephpscript/data/ai9fark/\xd7\xaa\xd7\x9e\xd7\x95\xd7\xa0\xd7\x94 \xd7\x91\xd7\x9b\xd7\x97\xd7\x95\xd7\test.gif

    Could this be a hacking attempt? It seems the user uploaded a really strange file name:

    \xd7\xaa\xd7\x9e\xd7\x95\xd7\xa0\xd7\x94 \xd7\x91\xd7\x9b\xd7\x97\xd7\x95\xd7\test.gif


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    The hash marks usually are the results of viruses, worms and other automatic programs attempting to access your server. I assume you went in as root and did a locate for test.gif? If not, do it. And check your PHP temp directory.

    In the meantime get your self a copy of LogWatch and install it. This will notify you at regular intervals of any activity on your server.

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    Thanks. I didn't know bots can actually interact with a php form, such as select a file and upload it by pressing submit? I thought they usually only manipulate URLs by adding commands to the end of them.

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    Try to install mod_security with some good rules.. It will be really helpfull for you..

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    Mod_sec rules have really helped to stop those kinda attacks. And those attempts were definitely intended with bad intentions.
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    Thanks guys. Unfortunately I'm on a reseller account, and can't install custom modules. Anything I can do to better improve security with one hand tied?

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    Why don't you consider to move to a VPS... they are not that expensive, I mean it worth it

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