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    As I'm sure some of you are aware, at least those in the United States or Canada, Paris Hilton's favorite tag line is: that's hot!

    Well I'm starting a small community based website, and I've chosen for my domain. Some people love it, but some people don't understand it.

    Should I ditch that name and go with something else?

    You can preview the site at the above domain, but it is not yet finished

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    i have always said its the site that sells the domain, not the domain that sells the site. if you like it keep it

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    Well your instantly limiting your audience to those that "get it".

    The fact that you had to explain yourself rather than just posting the domain for apparaisal says a lot about the name
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    Ya, I think it's official that I'm terrible at coming up with domain names. Here's a list of my past domains... (although this site has over 5,500 members)

    I think I better think of something better than thatsdot.
    Coding my way to oblivion.

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