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    To all the experts out there

    Being new to the website appraisal/value thing. I am looking for a rough guide to what one of our websites might be worth.

    The website in question is:

    It gets an average of 1500 uniques per day and has had 500 members signup in the last month and a half alone.

    It generates around a dollar a day with advertising - could do alot more we just arent focusing on it right now.

    The forum is also very active and gets 500 uniques to that a day as well.

    If anyone could give me a rough estimate id appreciate it.


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    would you sell it?

    It's all depends mostly on monthly revenue multiplied on 12(one year) + any custom design & scripts

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    The script is totally custom coded and obviously if we got a good deal from it.

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    I'd appraise it around $700, layout seems to be a template as does forum, and as noted its very new. Assuming you got all custom stuff and you keep it running with the same stats (and people joining) you could sell for alot more in say six months.

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    nope the forum is a custom skin and the front page has been heavily modified.

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    I think 700 usd is a bit harsh to be honest but there ya go, the traffic alone is worth that. Plus the game is a complete one of ,not a modified multi distributed game, thanks for the advice anyways.

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    The game is also not new its over 2 years old!

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