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    can't change ftp password

    I'm trying to setup a simple ftp server on my computer and I'm having trouble changing the password. It's an Athlon XP 3200+ with Windows Server 2003 Web Edition running on it. The only way I know how to setup an ftp service is as follows:

    Once I've got IIS Manager open...

    1) Expand [server name] on local computer

    2) Expand FTP Sites

    3) Right click Default FTP Site

    4) Select properties

    5) Select the Security Accounts tab

    6) Change password (at this point I've got Allow anonymous connections checked but Allow only anonymous connections unchecked).

    7) Click OK

    8) Confirm password

    9) Close IIS Manager

    The problem is, the password actually doesn't get changed. If I reopen the default ftp site's properties dialogue box, I see that the password has reverted to what it was previously (based on the number of characters). Since I don't know what this old password is (it was already set when I had the OS installed by someone else), I can't connect via ftp. How can I change my password?

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    Have you actually tried connecting using your new password? It may be that the password is displayed with a fixed number of characters, despite the actual number of characters in the password.

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    Yes I have, to no avail.

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    You could perhaps try an FTP password cracker. You know the username, you know the password length. A brute force approach may be possible.

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    i was the same, i couldnt change mine but after trying for a week straight it eventually did.

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