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    PayPal - Verify Location by Phone

    What is this feature (Verify Location by Phone)? Is it new? I don't remember seeing it before.

    Does anyone know when PayPal added this as a way to confirm location?

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    I remembered doing that a while back - last summer if i am not wrong. It lasted for a short while if i am not wrong

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    Hmmmmm...I'd never seen it before yesterday. It's an interesting feature.

    I don't really understand how it confirms your location, though, although I did notice that it catches if you put in a cellphone number.

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    They must use the area code to verify the location. That is the only way i can think it could work.

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    hmmm, this is the first that I have heard of this. If it is indeed their means of verification I think it is stupid to say the least. Not only is it easy to make up a phone number, a large number of individuals don't use anything but a cell-phone these days.
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    I don't trust the validity of it since anybody can be anywhere with a cellphone. I think Varilogix is a better way to go if you want to verify orders. They have a pay per use plan.

  7. I don't think it is to verify the location as such, but whether it is *you* using the account or not.

    For example, when processing a payment the other day, they called up my phone to make sure I was the holder of the account. I like it.

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    I bet they get fooled by VOIP. I can get a phone number with an area code almost anywhere in the US to ring on my land line.


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    The fact that someone picked up the phone and verified that they placed an order will reduce fraud, at the expense of annoying customers. A lot of fraud orders come through with legitimate phone numbers of either the card holder or a randomly taken number from their billing area, so that reverse lookups don't turn up anything suspicious. I've even had the phone number of a local Pizza Hut entered in with a fraud order (came up on Google's phonebook search!).
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    Originally posted by makeke
    They must use the area code to verify the location. That is the only way i can think it could work.
    Not quite... I used a cell phone from another city to confirm my personal account...
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    yh i tryed that and it never worked so then they send me a post insted!

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