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    /boot partition warning

    I've been receiving warning emails that my /boot partition is 92% full, something is adding to the space used on there because it was only 81% full a couple of days ago. I'm using RHE 3.0.

    I had a look on there to see if there's anything I could remove, but i'm not sure what should or shouldn't be there.

    The files on /boot are all pretty similar, they include several dozen variations of the following with different numbers on each:


    I'm a bit concerned that problems may arise if the partition reaches 100% use. What should I do about this ? Should some of these file versions be removed or are they all required ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    No sane program should actually write to /boot except for kernel/system upgrades. Maybe you just performed a kernel installation?

    It might be wise to keep your /boot partition umounted - edit /etc/fstab, add noauto to the line containing /boot, right after the word defaults. Don't forget to separate these words with a comma (,).

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    Thanks for the quick response.

    I haven't performed any kernel installations or anything else like that, so I don't think that could be the cause.

    Could unmounting the partition have any negative effects that I need to be on the look out for ? I'm always wary of doing anything like that in case I end up worse off than i was to start with.

    Is that to stop something writing to that partition that shouldn't be ?

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    Dont think it could have any negative effects, but you should rent a KVM/IP if your provider supports it, just to be safe.

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    /boot partition does not need to be mounted for normal operation - when used during boot time the boot loader (either grub or lilo - don't know which one you're using) will read the kernel and initial ramdisk directly from the drive, long before the mounting process. After bootloader hands over control to the init process accessing /boot is no longer necessary, as all the code from there has already been loaded to the initial ram disk.

    If you are using a control panel then some CP operations may create a backup copy of a kernel.

    If you keep your /boot umounted then anything trying to write to /boot will actually go to the root filesystem, so watch out for files in /boot. When something appears there while /boot is umounted you can trace which program wrote it then.

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    Did this happen after a WHM update?

    If so, odds are kernel updates are being added to your /lib/modules directory. Files in that directory must be manually deleted. Go into that directory and remove all files with version numbers lower than what is currently being used on the Server.

    You can find the kernel version being used by looking in your 'root' WHM:

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