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    Require assistance configuring PHP with Apache


    I am trying to configure PHP 4.3.11 with Apache 1.3.33 on Windows XP. For PHP i downloaded Windows Binary zip file available on and for apache 1.3.33 from I changed httpd.conf as per instructions on to configure PHP as an Apache module and also created c:/php and transferred php4apache.dll there.

    The problem is that Apache would not start and give's following error in Apache's console window :

    error c:/php/php4apache.dll could not be loaded into server (126) could not load the dll

    I have attached httpd.conf file if someones want's to review that as well
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    not sure of the exact answer cause Im not really a windows guy but when i did play with apache/php/mysql on winxp i recall i used a pre-built binary called "php triad" - try googling for it

    it contained everything i needed to get up and running quickly

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