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    From PSD to site? How?

    I am still learning to design and was wondering if you know the steps and software needed to go from PSD to a full site?

    Thank you

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    well, if I recall, when you slice an image in photoshop, it actually creates a (very) basic template html file that has the tables (shudder) setup with the images as tags right in it.

    The rest is up to your coding ability I should think.

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    image ready slices up an image for you and will produce tableless css layouts now IIRC. Just import the image into ImageReady slice is up and then save. Make sure you set all the "save settings" up properly.
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    well there ya go then!

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    i suck

    I take the big picture and go...

    save jpg
    ctrl z
    right click -> select inverse

    and then i code it up!

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    yes thats the way i used to do it, until all these programs can do that for you

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    Do not use the HTML that is generated from Image Ready - it's generally agreed upon that this is definately a "no-no". Yes, it works (baarely), but the code is horrid and is more of a headache than anything.

    Very simply put (or as simply as I put it anyway), I create the design in Photoshop, then slice it using Image Ready - save those images, then create the HTML with an editor (Dreamweaver in my case) and then insert the images.
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