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    Are logs generated for subdomains hosted on a diff server?

    If I have a subdomain that's set up using a A record redirect on Server A, with the subdomain actually hosted on ServerB. Just wondering, are any logs generated on ServerA for this subdomain? I would think not, but I want to make sure, in case I need to setup some sort of log rotation on ServerA for this.


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    the (webserver) logs are generated on ServerB in your example; the server where the subdomain is hosted, not where the dns for it runs at

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    So when ServerA makes a redirect to ServerB for the subdomain, this redirection info isn't logged anywhere on ServerA? I just want to make sure, as after adding the subdomain A record on ServerA a few days ago, disk space usage has been increasing on ServerA abnormally, and hence I suspected perhaps logs are generated that I'm unaware of.


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