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    Question installing 2nd httpd

    Hi all, i have a dedicated server w/ cpanel/whm that has all the defaults installed (httpd, php, mysql, exim, etc) on Fedora core 1.

    What i would like to do is install a second httpd daemon so it can use it's own httpd.conf to serve only images.

    The current httpd is installed at /usr/local/apache/

    I want to do this but am afraid of overwriting any current configs and/or files. How will this 2nd httpd effect cpanel, if at all?

    Can anyone guide me through this simple task?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can install apache to anywhere you want, just configure apache with command "./configure --prefix=<install_dir> ...", then "make install", cpanel should not be affected.

    Apache is not the best choice for serving images, there are plenty light weight web servers which can do much better job.
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    Go for thttpd. Its really good for this purpose

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