Hey all.

I'm the webdesigner for the marble club (my girlfriend does the graphics). We're about to do a big marketing push for the site, but I would like some seriously critical comments on it before we advise the owner to dish out the money to advertise.


Some things to note:

-The "Community" section is not complete - as in, I havn't taken the time yet to customize the phpbb & portal to look right.

-There is an "Activation Key" required for anyone looking to register with the marble club that I hand coded. Is there any foreseeable easy bypass? The Marble Club gives out an activation code to anyone who joins, and this activation code is compared to one of the codes in the database which when activated gains the value that it has been activated and adds in the username/date joined/email etc to that database entry. Is this an obvious problem for the future? (or if we had high traffic, is it likely to be cracked?)

-Do you get the main idea of the club from the front page?

-Does the look of the site disgust you so much that you don't even want to read more about it?

Etc etc...

I want some very critical comments on this - give me your worst! We're planning on doing a 10,000 unique person online push soon, but I want to make sure the site is in top condition before that happens.

Many thanks for all your flames