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    Selling sitewide Text links, 5000+ pages in Google, PR4

    I'm offering sitewide footer textlinks on

    PR4 with 5,000+ pages indexed in Google. We're an active community so expect that number to keep rising over the next few months.

    $5/month. I'm Paypal verified. Details:

    No warez/illegal, adult, pharma/drug links. Casino/Gambling ok. If you're unsure about your site's content, PM me.

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    I purchased the text link but there was no memo so I e-mailed the e-mail.
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    its pr2 on my end?

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    I get a pr 2 also.
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    I'm interested but how many links will you have at the bottom of the page? are they static or rotating?

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    That's odd... shows a PR4 to me.. wonder why you guys are getting a PR2..
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    Depends a lot on how the check I guess PR4 PR0 PR2 PR3

    and maybe Google have started it's dance again.
    Your domain did show PR4 on all Google datasenters except one (PR2) when checking

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    Wow @ the variation in PR!

    I am capping the max number of links at 25 or so. I've updated the instruction to ask you to email me your URL/Anchor text once you get your paypal receipt (my email will be displayed on the receipt).

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