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Thread: Unstable DNS

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    I have the same problem with Crucial paradigm actually

    Anybody can access my website and the crucial paradigm website too because the DNS doesn't work since 8 hours!!

    I check the dnsreport and:

    The isn't accessible since that time and I cannot access the crucial paradigm's support page..
    Does somebody know how advertise them about that trouble because this unstable DNS is a problem actually.

    Also, I see in the cpanel into "service status" and "resin" is fail.. What does it mean??


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    Please send me a PM with contact details. This seems like an isolated incident, our name servers or servers have been up and running for months without any outages. Our support desk is up and running fine and has been receiving and sending tickets without a problem for the last few months without any outages.. As for resin, this is currently a cPanel bug.

    Your website seems to be up and fine running without a problem:

    [[email protected] aaron]$ host has address

    This looks like more of a problem from your end, please me with a traceroute from your location to
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