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    Is it Mysql bug?

    I have a vbulletin database file, it contains inside it a lot of images and another information, it size is around 490M. when i use the command [[ mysql -uusername -ppassword dbname< filename.sql]] to load the file to mysql program, the size decrease to around 320M . after that when i see the images in the forum i find all images being not clear. ((see the file it contain one of them))

    why is that? Is it mysql Bug?
    i have search in google about this problem but i did not any similar problem.

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    hi, in what mysql server version are you running?
    perhaps its a bug in 5.0.x

    try using a stable 4.x.x version

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    I'm useing 4.1.11

    i try to restore it on another server but the problem still, i will try to store table by table i think it will be better

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