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    shipping rates..

    I haven't began to set up my shopping cart yet, but I plan on offering the postal service, and ups.. I know the weight of the packages I'll be sending.. but how do you set it up to have the correct price depending on where it's being sent, when the perosn picks how they want it shipped???
    Does that come with the shopping cart??
    If I can't figure this out I'll have to set a flat rate, but I don't feel that's fair because it might be more or less.

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    It depends on the shopping cart that you picked. Some are easily integrated into the USPS and UPS APIs to provide the correct shipping.

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    I would recommend oscommerce for you. It has built-in shipping calculator for UPS and USPS, you just need to register with them first, for free of course

    Or you can use it's flat rate as well, and notifiy your customers in FAQ section or at the bottom of the site, or in the shipping page, that the shipping isn't really accurate, and it's a little bit more than the real cost just for your coverage. Decent customers won't mind to do anything as long as you respect them by telling them, and putting them on the picture

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