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    Windows 2003 Server crashes


    Running a dual Opteron 242 with Windows 2003 Standard.

    The server runs fine but sometimes when i log in through Remote Desktop Connection, and do some work on the server, it will mysteriously lock up and crash. Then a full reboot of the server is required.

    This seems to have only started since I installed the latest Microsoft critical security updates. However, it could be a coincidence.

    Simple tasks such as opening a folder, or deleting logs, etc can trigger a sudden lock up.

    If i just leave the server alone and let it run, it doesnt seem to crash on its own.

    Does anyone have any idea what might be causing these crashes?


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    bad memory

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    What does the system dump file say? The STOP code should point you in the right direction. Ivan23 is right in that most often what you discribe is the result of bad ram. A faulty device driver or insufficent space on the system drive ("C" usually) can also cause that kind of problem.
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    How much RAM, how many DIMMS, what manufacturer, is this ECC?
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    Random crashes certainly sounds like bad memory from our experience.
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