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    * RAQ 4 email server down

    I rebooted my server today after making a small mime.types change. After I rebooted the email server stoped responding.

    All users can hit send/receive on their mail client and it looks to be chacking mail. Nothing ever comes in.

    You can send out a email and it is removed from your email outbox but is never sent and you recevive no error regarding a failed send.

    I can telnet into the server and use pine but all boxes are empty.

    I can send a message to a user from hotmail and it gets sent as if it sucessfully made it to the receiver but it never shows up in outlook or in pine.

    The active monitor shows no problems.

    I can shut the mail server down and email clients do report that they cannot find the server.

    This is the cool part. . . I can send messages out through pine to anybody on or off the server and they all are received.

    Please Help!

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    I have pretty much the same problem which has persisted for over 36 hours now except the problem just happened without a reboot or any intervention from admin. This has happened before but the problem did rectify itself so never knew the reason why. I have tried removing all the settings from the email server parameters, saving,rebooting and then re-inserting but nothing. I've tried stopping and restarting the email server but this has little effect. The machine is fully patched up to date and not under any particular load.

    Also, the active monitor sometimes shows that the smtp service is problematic. However, the raq is not used for sending emails - just receiving only.

    Getting close to my wits end.... Someone must have experienced this before and know the answer....please...

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    I hired some outside support from and they fixed the problem last night. The error was due to a permission error on a "critical sendmail file". The logs showed the the permission change happend when the server was rebooted. They fixed it last night but this morning when I rebooted it showed up again. I just got a email that they are looking into it again.

    Stay tuned for more updates as they are available.

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    Mine was a dns issue resolved by inserting a known good ip in /etc/resolv.conf

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