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    * The Mother of All Problems

    Has anyone figured out a way to redirect a Domain Name to an IP Address - then - to a computer behind Router and a Switcher
    - with a 192. network address

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    Why is this the mother of all problems?

    You can do it if you have your own unique IP, your own DNS, and a router. I assume there is likely more to the problem on your end.
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    You can use a service like to forward the domain to an IP, then on the router just forward port 80 to the internal ip of the box that's running your http server.
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    This is dynamic DNS. It is available through Enom and other companies.

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    Couple easy ways to do this, get a static IP from your ISP or use a dynamic DNS service.

    Point the domain to the IP assigned to the router.

    Log in to the router and go to the section for "Port Forwarding"

    Forward port 80 to the 192.168.*.* address of the computer running the web server.

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