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    Question on replicating Windows disk

    I have a windows xp pc, with a 120GB system HDD, I'd like to make a exact copy of the drive to a new one, any idea on how to do this? The disk is showing signs of degradation, and I need to copy it to a new one without having to reinstall system and software.

    I know Norton Ghost can do this kind of disk imaging, but that's $80

    1) does the new drive has to be the same size as the old one
    2) can I use linux dd command to do it (the simpliest way I can think of is to boot linux via CD, and then dd the old disk to the new one).

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    Why not order a new HD, set that as master and set your old HD as slave. XP will be on D:\ and all of your old files will be on C:\ . However, you're gonna have to reinstall the programs you need in D:\ and leave C:\ as extra disk space.

    Easiest way for me to solve it.

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    It is quite obvious you have not purchased your new drive. You just told on your self

    All Retail drives from major manufacturers include utilities to copy an image to the new drive.
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