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    I have those 3 domains for sale: +

    I'm accepting offers by mail or in this thread for these perfect domain names!

    Thank you
    email: romain AT
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    Can you give a ballpark estimate of how much you are looking for?

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    I was thinking of a $xxx figure, but submit me your best offer for these domains, and i'll sell to the highest offer in a few days
    Maybe it will be $xx maybe $xxxx, that's why i'm asking for offers, I really don't know which price it can be !

    All I know is that google results are below and that's very good results:
    - 20,600,000 for windows plans
    - 9,060,000 for linux plans

    because here are some other results:
    - 20,700,000 for windows hosting
    - 15,700,000 for linux hosting

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    One offer of $60 for both received by email.
    Will sell if no others offers

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