Advertising is available on a medical questions and answer web site.

Site is ranked #3 for Medical Question and #9 for Medical Questions (as of today- ranking cannot be guaranteed for the duration of your ad campaign) in Y*. Allinanchor is around 16 in G*, but no ranking yet.

Stats: (Not many visitors- ALL based off of organic rankings, no paid advertising)

100 uniques/ day
300 pageviews/ day
Alexa indexed since 1998
Archive.org since 2001
Close to 100+ pages indexed
100+ members.

On this server, there are AWStats and Webalizer (Unlike some other servers *cough*!) screenshots available.

-Sole 468x60 front page banner ad 20USD/ month, payable with a 2 month subscription via PayPal.

-Site-wide textlink: 20USD/ month, payable with a 3 month subscription via PayPal.

Terms: Pharmacy O.K., but no adult nor gambling ads. Your ad will be active so long as the subscription is active. Once your ad has been placed for any subscription time period, there are no refunds.