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    SM Celeron 2.4 Takeover

    Hi, I have outgrown my Celeron server that I've had for over a year, so I'm trying to get someone to take it off my hands before the 7 day cancellation window.

    Here are it's specs:

    Celeron 2.4Ghz
    1GB RAM
    2x80GB hard disk (one free from WHT promo)
    100mbit (can be reduced to 10mbit for $10 less)
    Currently has RHE on it but can be replaced with anything you like when you get it re-imaged.

    I pay $59/month + $10 for the 100mbit port, I also paid $299 setup on this.

    I"m looking for $125 via paypal. Plus you will be responsible for the transfer/takeover charges and OS Reload charges from SM. Here is what they quoted me to arrange this.

    (pmcelmurray-05/13/2005 15:14:55):
    You have two options when transfering accounts:

    1) For the new owner to take over this entire account at no additional cost. You will have to grant him access to Orbit and the server. He will be able to change the contact information and passwords.

    2) If you are just wanting to transfer one server to him. The we will need to create a new account for him. The cost to transfer a server from one acccount to another is $75/onetime transfer per server.

    For both option, we will need to new owner fax a copy of the credit card and government issued id to 214-782-7800. Please reference this ticket and make sure that the coopies are legible before we can change or open a new account.

    We will also need the following information for a new account:

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Address Line 1:
    Address Line 2:
    US State or Canadian Province:
    Zip or Postal Code:
    Voice Phone Number:
    Fax Phone Number:
    Email Address:

    Please let us know if you have any questions or how you would like to proceed.

    I'm not willing to budge on the price, this current server from SM would be well over $130 a month so ~$200 setup isn't a huge price to pay for this rock solid server.

    Also this server is in the DC2 DC.

    Please PM/E-mail me if you are interested in this server. I need to get rid of it before the 23rd or I will be cancelling it.

    Thanks very much

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    So your getting rid of it either way, so why are you charging $125? If no one takes it your still not going to get that extra cash.

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    I was intersted. The price for your server is fair, but the 125 + 75, even if one time, are not buyer friendly :-)
    .:. Enterprise SAN Consultant .:.

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    Maybe if he can just give you the account and just let you take over instead of paying $125...

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    I'm mainly trying to get back some of the $300 setup I paid.

    Here is what SM currently charges for my server:

    Server Configuration
    Server: Super Celeron 2.4 GHz - Setup: $99.00 - Monthly Fee: $119.00
    Primary HDD: 80GB Hard Drive
    Secondary HDD: 80 GB Hard Drive - Monthly Fee: $40.00
    Drive Controller: IDE
    RAM: 1024 MB RAM
    Number of ips: 5 IP Addresses
    Bandwidth: 1200 GB Bandwidth
    Uplink Port Speed: 100 Mbps Uplink - Monthly Fee: $10.00
    Web Analytics: Urchin 100 profiles
    Database: None
    Backup Service: None
    Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Version 3 (recommended)
    Server Management Plan: None
    Control Panel: None
    Firewall: None
    VPS Software: None
    FTH dBank: None
    Promotional Code:
    Special Requests or Comments:

    Number of servers: 1

    Monthly Charge: $169
    Monthly Charge Sales Tax will be added for Texas residents
    * For existing customers the first month's charge for this order will be pro-rated to your billing date after your order is approved.

    Setup Fee: $99
    Setup Fee Sales Tax will be added for Texas residents

    Total Initial Charge: $268.00
    Now my math skills may be off but that is a savings of $100 a month from buying my server, in other words you make back the setup fee in 2 months.

    If you aren't interested that is fine but don't complain I"m asking too much when you look at the numbers it is more than fair considering SM won't be offering these prices again.

    As it is right now, I will be either keeping the server myself or cancelling, I haven't decided yet.

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    You never know, they usually have alot of sales

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    True, they may have a dump the celeron sale, but so far no indication of that and the prices keep rising. Even the 1.7 celeron in orbit is over $100 now.

    Also, they havne't had decent sales in several months, who cares about zero setup when the monthly fee is way more than it used to be several months ago. Guess they figured their model wasn't working and had to make more money.

    I'm all for quality service but from comments on WHT and SM forums TP/SM is declining in quality yet the prices keep going up. They got most of their clients because of their reliability and price, well price is creaping up to levels anyone can match and service may or not be better than most decent sized hosts.

    In case you care I moved to LT, better price for much faster hardware and so far the support has been as good or better than SM.

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