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    Lightbulb Need coder for RSS feed!

    I need someone who can help pull in content from rss feeds and place it on our sites. The sites have been built out in a directory style but the dont have content. I need somebody who can pull rss feeds from rss search engines and sites then display them on our pages in robot friendly text. IF you make the file we have workers who can integrate this into the sites. You will just be responible for the quality ot the feed and the visual look of its output.

    The main issue is that we have tons of different categores and sites and we do not want to manually change the text the rss feed should search for. I think the solution is to have the feed search for whatever the title tag of that page is. This way its sure to find content relevant to that page.

    I would also like to include and archive system for the feeds. So it would search once a day and archive the old content in a spider friendly calendar format.

    We are always having tons of work to be done. So if we can find someone that has good skills we can keep you busy with work.
    Pay is $8 per hour on this job we will consider higher if you can show us quality previous work.

    Pleas IM "codingjobs" on AIM/AOL messenger or PM me here.

    ** We are looking for someone to start right away and finish asap

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    ALso - this is a little hard to explain but not really that hard to do. So IM me if you like to discuss the details. You will be pulling feeds from places like

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