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    Webhost Package - Feedback Sought.

    To any moderator who reads this - I have just spent half an hour typing a post asking for guidance on choosing from two webhosts. AFTER sumitting my thread - I get a caution that I am only allowed to submit links once I have posted 5 times. Consequently my entire post has been deleted.

    Could that not be made clear to newbies at this site in advance ?


    I am keen to receive feedback on which type of webhost package I should opt for between :

    ******.com Commerce Pro package - 10 GB site / 150 Gig bandwidth. Business package - 5 GB site / 'unlimited bandwidth.'


    As I stated in my deleted post I am a novice when it comes to the subject of hosting (I'm not a spammer or acting for either of the above companies.) The site I intend to host will be primarily photos with each customer given a set limit of either 3 x 100k or 5 x 60 k.

    - What sort of package shouled I aim at ? Webspace or Basndwidth ?

    I realise that the world of sales / marketing pitches is at least in part, dictated by selective chouce of words to create demand, etc.

    I would therefore welcome ANY feedback from anyone who would be willing to share their knowledge with a novice like myself.

    Thanks for taking the time to read.

    All the best.

    Rich (London.)
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    I would be very wary of anyone offering unlimited bandwidth.
    How many clients do you plan on having?

    number of clients x (3x100k) is how much space you will need (leave some room for growth obviously).

    Prior to choosing any specific host - research research research! Hunt these forums for reviews, previous threads about the host - read through them, see how they were resolved (if they were), etc.

    Don't leave any stones unturned - as your business is important to you and your data will be espescially important to your clients.
    Web hosting by Fused For businesses with more important things to do than worry about their hosting.

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    Participants must make five (5) posts before allowed by the system to include a URL in their posts.

    Which parts do you find so hard to understand?

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    Most members will warn against unlimited bandwidth providers. You can run a search here for a more detailed understanding of the matter.

    What price range are you looking at? That will help the members suggest companies. Once you have a list of host search here at WHT. Then I would also googling the company. You would be surprised what you find.

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