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    Selling free templates site *** PR3

    Due to a lot of other commitments, I'm selling

    The site is ~6 months old
    I've had no promotion done, so most of the traffic is coming directly from Google.

    Speaking of traffic, here are the aggregated stats since January:

    Other facts:

    >104 registered members
    > approx. 25 visitors (and more) daily - see stats

    Revenue: not much, since I didn't have time to promote it and most likely never will, but it certainly makes enough to pay for itself... makes some money from adsense and can make more if you promote it and sell banner impressions (top and bottom page slots which currently display the site's own banner).

    Other details: the site uses a modified version of the 4images script. It has a custom skin made by me. 90% of the content is unique (made by me) and isn't available elsewhere.

    I've been meaning to add a scripts section so included with the sale is also a scripts pack with 5 scripts.

    If you're interested in buying you can reach me via PM. I'm taking offers of around $150 - I've put a lot of work in the content and the site itself so this is the lowest price I can accept. I'll only consider serious offers from established members.

    Payment can be made through Ikobo (preffered) or Western Union (buyer pays fees). Unfortunately, I don't do business with paypal

    Thanks for your interest,


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    Link Exchange


    I am interested in links to our UK Web Hosting and Domain Names page. We search for PR 2,3,4,5,6pages. Please contact me if you are interested.

    We will insert a link back in a similar PR page.


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    Did you even bother to read his post?
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    Yes, of course, I have though that maybe you have other site where you want to exchange links.


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    Re: Selling free templates site *** PR3

    Originally posted by matrics
    It has a custom skin made by me.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that a bit of a copy from the free skin at made by Jane ? And the buttons (lightbox, etc) are exactly the same.
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    i'd buy it if you accepted paypal

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