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    Helm 3.2.4 BETA is Available now.

    Helm 3.2.4 BETA is Available now. For more info visit :
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    Made me smile:

    Updated DNS editors to reject record names with spaces
    Updated DNS editors to verify record data is valid for record type

    Surely they're no brainers to be there from the start?
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    Changing usernames seems like a common sense one and its not in there yet.
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    It depends - some control panels prioritise things differently. For example, Plesk only released Plesk Expand fairly recently to allow multi-server control. Helm has had that from the start. Same with FTP password management. Different control panels do things in a different order.

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    Im interested in seeing what this restore tool is like. We are currently migrating a few hundred accounts over to a new network and it looks like this might save us a lot of time
    -- Matthew

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