Starting up a small community website, initially it is to provide an online community through the use of various forums for discussion.

Now looking at offering free web email, and possibly free calendaring that a user can make both public and or private. If they want to offer a public calendar to a group, or if they just want a private calendar for themselves.

The other idea was to offer a free portal type application that users could sign up for similiar to Yahoo or MSN that a person could add or remove news categories and such. We would also like to provide a community calendar on the portal, quick access to their free webmail, community related news and links and so on.

This is just a thought, its a small community and its not anticipated to be many who wish to be involved in it, it is completely unrelated to any business and is meant to be free tools for citizens of the community.

So I thought as we research to do this and see if its do-able, what are some possible applications that can meet all or some of these needs. Anyone know of sites that do this already on a small scale such as what we are looking to do.

Any information would be appreciated.