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    7 and other nice names! $20 ** Namecheap

    Slant: a biased way of looking at or presenting something

    Would be a good domain for a political blog. $20 ** Namecheap

    Name speaks for itself, would work for a site allowing members to play tetris free. $20 ** Namecheap

    Only 2 typeins on sedo this month, but anyone can see this is a highly brandable domain name. Easy to remember, start your own html validation site. $25 ** Namecheap

    You wouldn't believe this but it's tough to find sites that sell lots of taxidermied moose heads. Not a bad name to build a site around. $30 ** Namecheap

    If I don't sell this, i'll definitely develop it. It's a great name to put a new slant on online pimp style games. The idea stems from the prostitutes used in vietnam to give the allied soldiers STD's to put them out of commission. $40 ** Namecheap

    These are getting more popular by the day. Friend of mine just bought one in fact. Can't get a better domain name for selling a hdtv camcorder.

    10 Typeins this month on Sedo. $45 ** Namecheap

    Moe Howard is the real name of Moe of the three stooges. Don't pass this one up.

    14 Typeins this month on sedo. $50 ** Namecheap

    This is a really nice name for a company that sells work at home mom leads, or wants to start a newsletter targeted toward work at home moms. The .net and .org are available to be registered so you could make this your brand. $50 ** Namecheap

    This is a GREAT name! The Ortho Evra Patch is one of the most popular forms of birth control out there. Plenty of affiliate programs you could use to make money off this site.

    42 Typeins so far this month on sedo. $50 ** Dotster

    This is a awesome name for a website selling web design services.

    Post Sold to claim. Accepting paypal only.

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    7 and sold

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