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Thread: ECS-World ?

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    ECS-World ?

    Hi has anyone used ecs-world and got any feedback about them? I am thinking about signing up with them and would like some info before I do.

    Thanks Mike

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    Their set up fee is not cheap at all:

    If I could pay for this $500 set up fee, I would rather go for worldpay! Definitely!
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    Yes, the $500 setup fee kills..

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    Hi the setup fee they quoted me was 450euros. Yes of course I would rather not pay this. However many other processors do not support my products or cannot provide the credit card coverage that I need which is ones specific to the UK. I would though because of the fees etc, be interested to know if they are legit or not. Basically do they pay out ok? If anybody is using them I would be interested to know.


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    You'd better stick with the established processor, since you can pay $500 set up fee. Did you try Barclay?

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    HI I didnt try Barclay but my product is tobacco, which makes things difficult.

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    Did you try Where are you lacated?
    Are you selling cigarettes?

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    Originally posted by cavalry
    Did you try Where are you lacated?
    Are you selling cigarettes?
    Why many processors do not accept tobacco product?

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    Hi, thanks. Yes we sell cigarettes and companies dont like tobacco so there is the problem. I have not looked at psbill before but notice their 3rd party processing starts at 8% which is higher than what i have been quoted already. Also I am interested in UK specific cards such as Maestro which I dont think they will do. I am open to suggestions and will give them a closer look. I would still like to know of anyone who has knowlege of ecs-world.

    Thanks Mike

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    I know a little about ECS. They are based in UK and deal mainly with high risk merchants (adult, gambling, etc.). From what I can tell, the setup fee and rate they charge is quite reasonable when compared to others that deal in those high risk categories.


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    They have real stupid payment pages ( I dont know how its now). About 8 months ago they used some Latvian account to process transition payment page hosted on a .lt domain.
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    I dont' remember the details, but I am pretty sure that they had a lot of problems. A search on these forums should confirm, if they are the ones that I am thinking of ---- if so (and from what I remember), I think that you may want to steer clear.

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    I know what you are talking about.

    you are speaking about the company with similar name.
    They had processing in Romania but the bank stopped it. So, many merchants lost money
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    If you want the best advice, DONT EVER TRY THEM, THEY HAVE AN SCAM GOING ON. ECS UK (Ecommerce UK /Scanorder) they have failed to pay our company the settlements of the past 5 months. They are broke and they are stealing our money. Please find below a list of excuses they use to refuse pay our money, the money we worked and earned.

    From Joanna Fiminska, (Accountant)

    "I will let you know when we get the funds"

    From the our question about a payment update:

    "I was told that we are supposed to get the funds by monday"

    From the question about the pending payments:

    "Scand Order has not yet paid the monies for the Apr 1 - 10 or Apr 11 - 21 settlements so I can not confirm that these payments will be on time. "

    We requested another update:

    "You know that I will let you know as soon as we recive the funds.
    Nothing has beed recieved so far"

    Jodi Ladakakos from the finance department, proposed a payment schedule because they do not have funds to face their responsabilities and of course they faulted to the promise, their word is meaningless.

    They robbed us, do not engage yourself in to this situation.

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    We use them actually for one business and have been very pleased with their services and support. Scanorder I think had some problems and they pulled us off that gateway.

    You just need to distinguish between the two companies.

    There is another ECS but it was a totally separate and different company

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    Well, LUCKY YOU!!!

    My compnay and a few others cant share your same opinion.

    We signed a contract with Ecommerce UK and from our of point of view they are totally responsible for this fraud.

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    I wouldnt trust a company with an awfully done website.

  18. #18 (Ecommerce UK/Scandorder) thats the one who made a fraud against us and is still in debt. They are running a SCAMM

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    Originally posted by thetopguy

    You just need to distinguish between the two companies.

    There is another ECS but it was a totally separate and different company
    Yes, some even confuse us with the company in question and we are not associated in any way whatsoever.
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    ECS-World are still linked to the Latvian account. The domain lies in .lv zone, NOT .lt which is a totally different country (Lithuania). Go to and enter any user name and password, like ecs/sux . Of course the passwords are made up, but look what happens - your redirected to the gateway - Latvian based company. Unlike ECS-world, I know this guys personally, they are quite OK and never give empty promises, but as far as I am concerned they mostly deal with simple ecommerce. My knowledge can be out of date, last time I spoke with them was 4 months ago.

    Everyone good luck with your business.

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    Check this out, What a bunch of clowns.

    They proposed a payment schedule supposed to start past June 20th, 2005 of course they failed. Today we received another payment schedule for 18 months!!! They are totally broke.

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