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    I'm selling my windows clients (HELM)

    I am currently selling my all my Windows clients. They are currently hosted on a Windows 2003 server with HELM.

    We currently have $344 due in monthly invoices. For a total of 15 clients. They all are resellers.

    You can also take over the server if you want. It has the following specs:
    P4 2.8 w/ HT
    80gig HDD
    1gig RAM
    16 IP Addresses
    1000gig Monthly Bandwidth
    Owned MainEnable Pro License ($200)
    DC: The Planet

    The server price will be lowered soon to around $154 because I will be removing some no longer needed IPs and hardware.

    PM me to make an offer or for any questions.

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    PM sent, please call 267.218.0420 to discuss.

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    we are a windows host and have some servers at the planet - lets talk

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    are you still interested in selling your HELM clients


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    Are you still going to sell your clients? please update

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    This complete business has been sold.
    Serve By Design LLC.
    Hosting Since 2007
    Unmanaged VPS With Money Back Guarantee
    Call Us - 320-204-5909

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