We have a package to suit everyones needs. From a small personal website, to a busy business portal, we have a package for you.

-----------------------The Servers-------------------------------------

We know how important the network is for your website to be successful. Thats why we have our servers located at The Planet Datacentre in Texas.

There is a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee on all our servers, giving you the piece of mind that your website stays online and continues to grow.

The actual server hardware is very powerful. You will be hosted on a server with the following specification:

:- Dual Intel Xeon (2.8GHz) with Hyper Threading (4x Virtual CPUs)
:- 1024MB DDR EEC Registered RAM
:- Dual 160GB HDDs, One of these are dedicated to backups.
:- 100Mb/s Uplink
:- 99.9% SLA Uptime
:- RHEL 3


In our opinion, support is the determining factor when it comes to choosing a host. Therefore we aim to offer the best possible support to our customers. We offer three types of support:

1 :- FORUMS: Our forums are regularly checked by our support engineers as well as other customers. This is a nice friendly community where your questions are answered quickly. Why not take a look: http://ethohost.com/forums.

2:- TICKETS: Intergrated into our billing software is a support ticketing system. This allows you to 'raise' a ticket and a support engineer will answer any questions you may have.

3:- MSN CHAT: We are also available through the MSN Chat Network. If you use MSN messenger, you can contact us by adding [email protected] to your contact list.


We also know how important backing up data is. We have three backup procedures in place, giving you the piece of mind that if anything was to go wrong, your data would be safe. We still recommend that you perform your own backups.

We do a full backup every night to our dedicated backup drive. This is the second Hard Disk Drive on the server that is only used for backups.

Then, this data is also copied over to our NAS Backup Area. (NAS = Network Added Storage). This is a backup server that is not connected to the internet, and your data is secured offline there.

We also download all backups that are located on the second harddrive to our own computer systems.

--------------------The Packages------------------------------------------

All packages come with the following:

- Unlimted FTP Accounts
- Unlimited MySQL Databases
- Unlimited PostgreSQL Databases
- Unlimited Email Addresses
- Unlimited Email Aliases
- Unlimited Mailing Lists
- Unlimited Addon Domains
- Unlimited Parked Domains
- Unlimited SubDomains
- FANTASTICO (This allows you to install many popular scripts at the press of a button.
- URCHIN : This is a very powerful Web Statistics package.
- AwStats

The packages themselves are:


**This is a new Package introduced this week**

- 1500MB Disk Space
- 15GB Data Transfer

-Only 1.50 per month ($2.70)

New Business:

- 3000MB Disk Space
- 30GB Data Transfer

- Only 5.00 per month ($9.16)


- 6000MB Disk Space
- 60GB Data Transfer

- Only 7.50 per month ($14)


- 10,000MB Disk Space
- 10GB Data Transfer

- Only 12 per month ($22)


- 20,000MB Disk Space
- 20GB Data Transfer
- Two Dedicated IP Addresses (Can be used for custom Nameservers)

- Only 20 per month ($37)

**If you dont see anything you like on here, then why not email us for a custom hosting package?**

If you are interested in any of these packages or have any questions regarding them you can either email myself at [email protected] or talk to our sales team at [email protected].

Alternatively you can visit our forum (http://ethohost.com/forums) or talk to us on MSN by adding [email protected].

Thank You