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    A recomended Australian Host with Reseller

    Hi All

    Just thought you could do with some good news about hosting companies.

    I run a small Australian web desing business and have jumped arround looking for the elusive perfect host.

    I sincerely believe I have found such a host in Chalice Web

    Technical support is AAA, uptime is excellent. Features and price are very good. They offer everything you could need and are always available.

    I host about 15 sites with them and have had no troubles so far. Must be almost a year now.

    Here's my site (please don't critique, I know I have to fix it up a bit... never get around to it). There are a couple of links of it to help you get an idea of performance.

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    Re: A recomended Australian Host with Reseller

    Originally posted by lofwyre
    I sincerely believe I have found such a host in Chalice Web
    So do I. Plenty of good reports. Pia runs a good show, and it sounds like you're enjoying the ride. Good stuff.


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    Thanks AussieHosts

    I bet they have very few unhappy customers.

    Everyone at Chalice is ready to bend over backwards to keep things running smooth. They have helped out with some zen-cart mods, answered dumb questions about domain name delegation, etc.

    You name it they are ready to assist if they can.

    I hope I never have to move hosting companies again.


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    I've also had great experiences with chaliceweb.
    I'd thoroughly recommend them.

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    Hi kilo

    Glad to see more names here for chalice, they're a great bunch.

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