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    Hosting Company for sale

    Hello, I'm looking at selling my company due to the fact my girlfriend and I are having a baby so most of my time is going to be spent there. I am looking to sale the company as a whole which includes:

    Domain names
    WHMAP billing system

    I currently have 11 clients and have been with me for some time and I have an annual income of $732

    if you have any questions or wish for a breakdown of the clients please e-mail me on [email protected] I don't check WHT often so you may lose out if you PM or leave a message here.

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    Sale Question

    What does each client pay and how offten?

    What are your fees for server - reseller?

    Any other monthly or annual fees?

    Is that $732 your gross income or net?

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    How long have the clients been with you? How are you billing them?
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