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    Help Please

    Im new using linux, I'm running Apf firewall, i have 2 questions.

    How do i open a port? ( i have a game server and i can not play it since the firewall is bloking that port)

    How do i install screen? ( i need screen to run a game server in background)

    Thanks Alot!

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    You need to edit /etc/apf/conf.apf firstly to make sure the port is open or there might already be something listening on that port.

    For screen run "screen" and then run the server on it. The detachth the screen with Ctrl+A D.

    Really however you might want to talk to your dedicated server provider as they can give a lot more detailed respones

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    i think the port is not open, where exactly in that file do i look for the ports? where do i add the one i want to allow?

    for screen im sure i dont have it installed, how do i install it in my server?

    it would really help if you can give me the codes to do those things, im very new using putty to manage my linux server.


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    just try to run a locate command for searching conf.apf.

    The command will be locate conf.apf

    You will get the exact location for the file.

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    i know i got that part, but once im in that file, where do i make the change to allow my port from game?

    and i need screen, where do i get it and how do i instal it?

    im new using linux so if you coudl please write the codes in order to get this done i would really appriciate. I use putty.

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    there should be a section to open ports for applications or something like that. maybie do a search on "open ports"

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    The installation method of screen command would be different for various Linux distros.

    For RedHat, CentOS and other RPM based distros you would download screen RPM (find it first on and execute
    rpm -Uvh screen*.rpm

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