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    Lightbulb Strangest appraisal :)


    I will not give my domain name as I want it to stay anonymous !

    Here's some infos however:

    I get between 4000-4500 uniques daily.

    Google ads is generating over 180$ USD monthly.

    Text links + banners are generating ~120$ USD monthly.

    Without knowing the domain name, how much would you say it worth ?


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    If the traffic/earnings are quite long-term I would say around 3 years worth of monthly earnings would provide a rough estimate for the value of your site.

    This would be around $10,000

    Obviously without knowing full details the above value is only a rough guess.

    Hope this helps.

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    Less then $10,000 for sure. Unless it has good content or a large forum and is fairly old (assuming it does $10k+ depending on the content). I'd say 1 year profit is much more realistic if its just and SEO page or a new site.

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    This would be around $10,000? No way.

    Try 300x12 = $3,600, or around there.

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    Depending on the maintenance

    Your yearly revenue is $3600. Then we will have to look at how much time you spend on it per day to calculate a realistic "salary" which a hired person would get for the work.

    For example, if you have to work (answer emails, update...) 8 hours/week, then to replace you, the hiring cost is $200/week (assuming $25/hour) - $10000/year. In that case, your business is really losing $6400/year and won't be worth much.

    If you only need to work 1 hour/week, then your income is over $2000 after the "salary cost". Using 3 x yearly income, I would put the value at $6000.

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