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    Can Mambo give each staff member their own section?

    I am going to create a website where staff members have their own sections, and I was wondering if I'd be able to implement this with Mambo. For example, one member does Sports, another does Movies, etc. These are simply examples.

    Let me illustrate my point. Visit and take a look at the middle of the page. You'll see that its built like a square. There's Student, Parents, Teachers, etc.

    Instead of doing something vertical as is shown in many Mambo websites, can I use a design similar to

    To make things more simple, I don't care who posts where. I only want this design and I don't want to worry about permissions. When I said that each member has his own section, I didn't mean that they'd be limited to that only.

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    That should not be a problem i guess..with a mambo "blog" component...

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    yes, you can absolutely do this and sooooo much more! How you would go about it is a bit more diffficult to explain in a few sentences. If you are not too familiar with the mambo cms and templating it, I would look into getting someone to assisit you, or at least get it setup for you then give you the reigns.

    Basically you will want to setup seperate content sections for each one you want, like sports, movies, etc. Make each category a blog category, then you will want to just arrrange your homepage to look however you want and provide links to each of these content categories. I am not so sure how easy it will be to limit writers to just one category, but if you are somewhat trusting it wont' be too difficult to create a somewhat protective environment where they can only post to a specified section which the category resides within.

    You can create a specific link for each writer that will present them with a WYSIWYG editor to post in that section. Anyway, there is alot more info about this, but that should be the basis. If you are totaly lost, I would look for some assisitance in getting it setup.
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    i do mambo..not a total expert,but i do my way around it...

    my site uses mambo:

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    For Mambo help/support/questions see the community at:
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