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    [ADVERTISER] Looking for Sales Rep/ Advertiser

    This position is based on advertising and getting custoemrs. The company I am wanting you to spread the word about and get customers and you know just to get the word out is a webhosting company...

    If you can do a very grand job on doing SALES and mailing "getting the word out" then please pm me.. Only intrested partys please

    PM me if you are intrested and you can actully get some sales, their will be a test given (if you can get 2 people to sign up) within a time spam if you fail then we are not intrested... This is a very simple task just need to get a company sname spreaded out..

    Each sale you will earn $35 on, it mailingly depends on if you get that person to sign up.. This company is selling share, reseller, dedicated, game servers, shoutcast, media hosting and maybe more upon request...

    If you have MSN please include your msn email inside the pm so I can have the guy contact you, thanks

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    I am interested can you send payments via paypal?

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    pm me please and i will give you his information

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