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    Paypal and adult forum question

    If I own an adult forum which is pay-to-participate, selling people memberships per month, but do not sell them anything but that- just the membership- is that paypal safe? Or does that count as 'adult material'? Users probably will post adult content within the site.
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    Originally posted by Muzzleflash
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    From PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy:

    Mature Audiences Policy

    You may not use PayPal in the purchase or sale of, or receipt of donations for, any obscene or sexually oriented goods or services.

    In determining what goods or services are prohibited under the Mature Audiences Policy, PayPal will consider some or all of the following factors:


    - Dominant theme of the material or website.
    From the way you described the forum membership/service, it sounds as though it could be interpreted to have adult material as the "dominant theme" of the website.

    You may want to contact Customer Service to see if you can get an official answer.

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    Yeah.. adult material would be the "dominant theme".

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    So far I have not needed to make 31 posts thanks to the search function.

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    Paypal needs to distance themselves as far away from adult type websites. Do not use them for adult websites. I use the for other websites in addition to a merchant account though.

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