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    How much profit should I make per 6 bucks spent?

    Just curious. If I can make, say, 20 bucks for every 6 I put out, should I stick to that?
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    The question is a little too vague for me to give input worth any value. Remember to take time and effort into account when calculating your ROI. How much work does it take to 'put out' the $6? How long does it take to get the $20? Is it a recurring earning? Is it scaleable? Does $12 result in $40 without doubling the work? There are too many factors.

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    profit? what's that? i usually put everything i earn back to the company like purchase software to make my hosting better or save up to get a server to colo. i'm not rely on this as my sole income yet. what AdrenalineX said is pretty accurate.

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    if you can make 20 bucks for 6 dollars of input, thats an incredible ROI rate! But, like AdrenalineX said, how much is required to yield this ROI? Can it be sustained? Recurring, etc, etc...
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