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    apache virtual server problem

    I've just set up a few virtual domains using Webmin/Virtualmin on a RedHat EL 3.0 box. The virtual domains share the IP address of the eth0 adapter, and each site responds to queries made to the domain name of the site (as expected). But when I query the IP Address of the eth0 adapted directly, instead of getting the webpage of the "default server", one of the virtual domains I set up is returned.

    I was under the impression that if I set up a virtual server/domain in apache, that it would only respond to requests made to that domain name.

    How can I make queries to the IP address respond with the default server, and not one of the virtual domains?


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    Thanks. After much googling last night, I found some docs that talked about the *first* virtual server for an IP address being used for the default, so I ended up doing pretty much what you suggested, but I had to list it first - above any other virtual servers that use the same IP address.

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