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    Looking for 1and1 Dedicated Game Server Admins

    Hi all, i'm looking at renting a dedicated P4 3.06 from 1and1 and was looking for someone who is currently running a dedicated box from them running either CS or BF1942, or BF:VN. I'm looking to see how it plays/pings. I curently rent a smaller box from another company, for 2 years now, and they dont seem to want to offer any incentive for me to upgrade with them, so I like the 1and1 deal. So i'm looking for a server to get a feel for what i'm looking at. Any help would greatly be appreciated. I can be contacted at [email protected] or "Blackrock" on XFire or you can just post here

    Thank you.
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    Where are you located? It sounds like you are looking for a new dedicated server. What specs are you interested in? Are you interested in other companies?

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    We're on the eastcoast. I've been renting a P4 2.4 machine with a gig of ram and a 60 gig HD from another company for 2 years now. I've been keeping an eye on other companies and have been getting as much info as possible, and I really like 1and1's deal:
    Intel Pentium 4
    3.06 GHz Hyper-Threaded
    2,048 MB DDR RAM
    120 GB IDE hard drive
    1,500 GB monthly transfer volume

    For $150 a month

    Running traces on thier network I see its pretty solid and fast. I just wanted to talk with someone who is already running a game we run to see how they like it and possibly play on thier server.

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    Do a search for 1and1 reviews. Some of them don't look to good...

    Heres an east coast company:
    I have a friend who runs a clan (30+ members) off one of their servers. He has never had a problem. They recently moved to a new datacenter with Peer1 networking.

    Another good company is layeredtech
    They are located in Texas, but you can still get a pretty good ping on their servers. Their admins and sales are very friendly.

    And finally, theres liquidweb .
    They provide managed servers. You can get a 3.0 GHz Intel P4 with 120 GB harddrive managed from them. Check out their website (Note: Don't be discouraged by the high price of their webmaster series. Click the customize button and you can remove features you don't need to make the price lower.

    Good luck.

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    The only negatives i've seen about 1and1 is that thier customer support could use improvement, though i've also heard it has improved. No complaints about hardware, and most say the network is fast and solid. Having an eastcoast server is definatly a must for us, so that rules out anything in Texas but i'll check the other links you provided.

    I'd still like to talk with someone who is using 1and1 for hosting BF1942 (or any of its mods) or BF:VN, or CS.

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    I used 1and1's $89 plan (it was actually less back then) to host a Counter-Strike 1.6 server about 5 months back. Everything was great in my opinion. I'm east coast also and pings were excellent, the network was stable, and phone support is actually only a 5 - 15 minute wait but email support was very slow.

    I don't think you will have any problems running CS on that server from 1and1. If you need it setup soon ask them if they have any in stock first because my setup time was a week although I think their site says 48 hours...
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    Yeah theres a message on thier site on the page for the server I want, that says due to high demand, it will take 2 weeks to get it set up. I dont mind the wait. We'll probably use our other box until the new one is setup. Thank you for your response Blue.

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    Well I ordered the server yesterday. I can log into the CP and all, but it doesnt look ready yet. Hopefully it will be for the weekend I'll post my experience down the road. Thanks for the help.

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