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    Question Remote access LAN and WAP

    I have a very easy question.

    I'm trying to connect to another computer, however it only work's if I use the LAN IP address. The WAP IP will not work at all. Iv tried this from several computer's in diffrent location's. I'm also using ultraVNC as my client.

    Any help is very appreciated!

  2. Does your WAP support port forwarding? If so, you must forward your VNC port (usually 5900) to the LAN IP you wish to access. if the WAP is a Linksys, this is done by accessing the router admin web page, clicking Advanced, clicking Forwarding, and enabling port 5900 to be forwarded to the LAN IP.

    An alternate method, if you will be accessing the LAN machine from the same remote machine every time, is to run VNC viewer in "Listen" mode on the remote machine, and connect to it from the LAN machine, and just leave it always connected. This has its pitfalls of course, one being that if for whatever reason you need to reboot your remote machine, or even if the network hiccups for a few seconds, you will lose your connection and won't be able to re-establish it without physically traveling to where the LAN machine is (Or making a phone call and walking someone through it).

    The final (and best) solution is to set up an ssh tunnel from the LAN machine to a secure server, and connect VNC via that server from anywhere in the world, using ssh. This is quite a detailed process, so if you are new to the concept I recommend this tutorial.

    Once you have done it a few times it becomes simple to set up, and if you are like me you'll prefer to always do it this way.

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