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    [For sale] Clan layout

    Hi there,

    I'm selling the following layout:

    What you get:
    - PSD
    - fully skinned CMS (if needed)
    - HTML code of regular page without CMS
    - NO and i say again NO resell rights

    The cms is 100% free and can be used for anything, i'll set it up on your website if needed since installation is a bit tricky due to loss of data on main server.
    Also, I'll do small modifications if you are unable to do this.

    What I get from it:
    Please start bids from 100$ (79.3585), if no bids have been made, I will take any reasonable offer. Since I know coughing up this much money may sometimes be hard for a clan

    Please, BID INSIDE THIS TOPIC, this way it's more fair to other potential bidders.

    Biding ends friday 23.30hr CET. Payment preferably by paypal, if in EU bank wire is ok too.

    Kind regards,

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    Very nice.. Good luck with the sale!

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    Very nice Thomas, just like always

    Steven Billings
    2UK2 - Local Solutions, World Wide Potential

    First-Rate Support, Stupendous Prices, Remarkable Uptime

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    Nice template Thomas; hope it sells.
    Sergio D.

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    Nice site!

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    Thanks for your great comments guys!

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    Classic thomas mate, A recommendation though bud, Edit your font size as its resizing allot of the cells within your subpanels. Need to speak to you on msn about something later on, catch ya later

    Awesome site though!!!1

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    woops, i forgot to check internet explorer... silly me
    i'll patch that up right away

    *edit* patched it up, thanks for letting me know mate
    Last edited by EinLiner; 05-18-2005 at 09:56 AM.

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    i want to buy it i can only offer $75 if u want to contact me pm me please

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    thanks for your offer, but people are still allowed to bid!

    Kind regards,

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    ok well let me know please

    thank you

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    sold it yet ?

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    Nope, you'd probably be the winner, but i won't let it go under 100$, sorry. If noone wins China Numen, the clan that this layout was ment for, would like to reconsider, they regret wanting another one.

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    ok mate well if they dont i have $70 now only if u want it let me know

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    Will do bud.

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    sold it yet?

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