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    Arrow Looking for new host (fopen needed)?


    I'm running a dating website using the software. The software must have the "fopen enabled to", because it needs to constantly check back with the "mother site" for the license.

    If you can do this request for me, please reply below. I will also need minimum:

    * 400 MB
    * 15 GB Data Transfer
    * 5 pop3 accounts
    * 5 ftp accounts
    * 5 mysql database's
    * Cpanel
    * Phone support...would be nice
    * 30-Day Guarantee

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    Hi! danielsimp
    Welcome to WHT

    Your requirements are quiet good and are easily available.. Almost all hosts support what you need. I think I am yet to see a host, which blocks fopen..

    BTW, whats your budget?
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    Right now Im currently with CyberPixel's, however they cannot enable "fopen".

    7.95 a month was what I was paying before with them.

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    As previously mentioned - the majority of hosts around can provide the service required.

    At 7.95 or less a month or less you could easily get what is needed.
    You could ask them what other php commands they block, any expectations or blocks that they may add in the future as well.

    As you wouldn't want them disabling it in a month or anything either.
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    Originally posted by domainwala
    I think I am yet to see a host, which blocks fopen..
    I think what they really mean is allow_url_fopen - disabling that setting blocks quite a few script kiddie attacks on PHP scripts. The typical problem is the script author writing include($var) but $var gets set by the remote user, and they feed in


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    Ok, cool. So can you guy's recommend a host with allot of experience and would be able to meet my specific needs? (I have allready tried the WHT quote feature...and it's been a couple weeks)

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    There are a ton of hosts here that should be able to handle all of your requests. Simply read some of the SIGS and then do a search on a few. See what other people are saying about them.

    Good luck in your hunt! Let us know how you make out.

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    I have allready tried the WHT quote feature...and it's been a couple weeks can also help you create a list of hosts that fit your requirements.

    Or you could simply create yourself a list of hosts and ask them questions (send an email) to determine if they fit your needs. Before you signup do your research on each host:

    It might not be great news, but virtually nothing can substitute your own efforts in finding a good host.

    Good luck!

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    Hello everyone, thank you for all your replies.

    Iv tried doing the quote thing, however I cannot find any specific host that will meet my requirements (the fopen specifically). Please, if your a host and you can do this for me, send me a private message here!

    Thank you guys!

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