We would like to announce that we are now offering shell accounts via www.shelligent.com These shells will be housed on FreeBSD servers separate from our main cluster, specially set aside for shell accounts.

There is an old tounge twister, "She sells sea shells by the sea shore". We came up with a new version "We sell 'c' shells on our unix servers", but the new version doesn't rhyme. But that's ok, since we aren't in the nursery rhyme business, we're in the 'Shell' business.

If you are looking for a full service Shell Provider, you found it! We provide Shell accounts on our High-Quality FreeBSD servers, along with extra services like web hosting, email and database services. Whether you need a shell to do some compiling of your latest C++ program for your Computer Science project, or you prefer to edit your website the good old fashioned way (with vi), we are the place for you.

If there is a specific application you need to run server side, we will help you get it installed. If you want special shell features, like a different shell type (sh, csh, bash, etc) we'll help you get it set up as your default. If you want to have a place to park on IRC, we're that place.

So come on, check out what we have to offer, with accounts starting at $15/mo, we have an account for you!