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    If you are not professional, and have not been in the designing business for atleast 2 years, please don't bother replying.

    I own run a small business with one other employee. Basically, I provide all work, and we split the earnings 50/50. We never do any work unless it is high paying ($100+) *Please don't make comments about earnings being split the way they are, there are reasons for this*

    I've been swamped with work lately, and I need one more person to work for me. I have a job that within 2-3 months will bring in over $5,000-$7,000 and all it is is doing designs for a software company. I also have alot of logo/banner/website jobs as well so you must be very skilled at ALL of these.


    -Must speak fluent english


    -ATLEAST 2 years of design expierence, and be highly skilled at desiging templates, logos, banners, and websites. Also, if you do coding that is a plus++

    -You must have either AIM, YAHOO, MSN messenger, and you must be online and available alot of the time.

    -When contacting me, tell me what you are contacting me about, and have a portfolio ready..YOU MUST HAVE AN ONLINE PORTFOLIO

    I need a worker immediately, this offer will be available until I find the right person.

    Contact me:

    [email protected]


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    Hi Carlo,

    I just added you on MSN. I'd be available in the next 8 hours to discuss this project with you and present my portfolio.

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