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    Question ServerCity - Are the any good?

    We are a smal webdesign company and are currently looking to upgrade to either a dedicated server or co-locate. we are close to signing a dedicated server with Servercity but wanted to check on here if anybody has any views on them?

    They seem very good on the phone but there os nothing like a client review..

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    Haven't personally ever heard of them - if you can't find any results or reviews on WHT you're most likely not going to find any anywhere else.

    I would recommend hunting for some alternates if none can be found.
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    I haven't heard about it .
    is it permitted???????????

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    It is a british company mind you....I guess thats why you aint heard if them...We decided to go with them in the end, they seem very proffessional and courteous. we chose a Buy 2 Own scheme, to get this all we had to do was sign for a 24 minth contract after which the dedicated server & software is ours to keep, at which point we can either trade it all in for the latest silicon or we can col-locate.

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