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    Server Load Questions

    What methods are they to find out whats causing a server load using ssh or cpanel. Like viewing wich users are or program is causing the load on a Linux server.

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    ps, top, grep are common commands to check for server load...
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    how about in a windows environment ?

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    In Linux i ussually try to do it in the log files and also by running command scripts to see what processes are running and see how much reasources they are using.

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    You can always use the top command to check the process which are taking load over the server. Also the ps -aux command should work for you.

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    On windows, just do remote desktop, and view the process manager.
    You can either do CTRL ALT DEL (maybe that won't work remotely) and select task manager, or you can go into system32 and it's in there.
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    CTRL+ALT+DELETE will not work here. You need to right click on the task bar and need to select "task manager" option form there.


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