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    Exclamation Designer & Scripter Looking For Work

    Hi there,

    I'm a designer and scripter looking for work, willing to consider any work available.

    I am very competent in the following:

    JavaScript (not as competent as with the above, but have a good working knowledge of it)

    And I design/code using Macromedia Fireworks and Dreamweaver MX 2004. I also have knowledge of Photoshop CS.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me if there is anything you wish to discuss! You can reach me via MSN Messenger or e-mail at:

    shatterd , followed by the "AT" sign, then hotmail - dot - com.
    (Sorry I couldn't simply put my email address in there, I have a phobia of spam )

    Most of my projects have been for friends and have been very small websites. I worked for a company named Adire Limited two years ago, although this was "off the books". It was a startup company that didn't take off too well.

    As far as a portfolio goes, this is all I can tell you. If you want me to demonstrate my skills further than what I can show you, please drop me a line and I can make something to sort of prove myself

    When I worked with Adire Ltd, I created their design. This isn't using as much CSS as before, but the design in its original form from just over one year ago can be seen here:

    The first project I did with Adire was "Jambella" - a company who sold second hand books on eBay. The site featured a content management system, and used PHP and mySql as its basis. This website is now offline.

    There was also This was a personal project of mine, which I never had time to complete. However, I did complete a good content management system (with what i called an 'internal messaging system' where users could message each other), for administrators games could be uploaded, edited, reviewed, etc. Thumbnails for each game were uploaded and automatically resized using php and its GD Library.

    My current personal website is RockWeed. It is a basic website using pure CSS for its layout. I made the graphics in Fireworks. If you would like to see it, please visit:

    At the moment I am planning to offer website design services there, however if you would like me to take those services from the website as a term of your employment, I will gladly do so.

    I have made various other designs for friends, as I have mentioned before, but most of those website have now dissapeared.

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to talking to you! I will consider any work at all


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    what is your pricing like? i am looking for another designer.
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    I have quite low pricing, but it's hard to say how much I'd ask for without more detail on what needs doing. For some reason I can't PM or use the forms email function - i might need more posts, so please drop me a line at the email in my post above if that's not a clear enough answer :-)

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    crbrendall - I checked out your personal page looks good, but I noticed a few minor spelling errors. Hope this helps:

    Under How Much?
    I don't want to get a specific quote. Can I have a rough idea?
    It's very hard to give you a rough idea of what your website will cost to create, as each website is different and requires more or less of my time. However, I realise that some people don't like to get a quote, so I have a few guideline prices.

    Under Home
    Welcome to Rockweed
    I can create a website for you, your company, or for any other organisation

    you will never be provided with a website that looks amature by me.

    Content Management
    can create an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use content managment system.

    Sentence needs revision:
    Under How Much
    I know what I want, so how do I find out how much you charge?

    Please note that a quote does not give no any obligation to pay a penny!

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